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About Me

Learn a little more about who I am and why I do what I do.

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Marcelo Lewin

My Strengths

  • Communicative

  • Collaborative

  • Hardworking

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Tech Savvy

  • Highly Organized

Marcelo Lewin

I'm a hardworking, passionate, creative, communicative, collaborative, continuous learner, who is highly organized, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and is making a midlife career transition at the age of 56 from 30+ years in the tech industry to filmmaking to fulfill his dream of working in post-production and editing.

I'm currently enrolled at the UCLA Extension Filmmaking Program focused on post-production and editing with a program completion estimated date of June 2024.

I have experience with various post tools including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, and I'm currently learning Avid Media Composer at UCLA and Davinci Resolve (for color grading).

I love technology and its intersection with business, productivity and creativity. I enjoy the constant changes it brings, which forces me to continually learn and stay up-to-date.

I've been a Developer, Technical Architect, Project Manager, Podcaster, Blogger, Videographer, Designer, VP, and Director at many companies including NBC, Toyota, Walt Disney Imagineering and J.F. Shea Co, Inc.  You can learn more about my work experience here.

I call myself an "accidental entrepreneur" having created multiple websites around my passions, which later became small startups "by accident" and later were acquired, including My Internet Desktop acquired in 2000, Pixel Heads Network acquired in 2008, Filmmaking Webinars acquired in 2012, How to Create VR acquired in 2019 and Headless Creator acquired in 2022.  You can learn more about that here.

My Skills

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe Audition

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Canva

  • Eleven Labs

  • Midjourney

  • Pika Labs

  • Runway ML

  • Topaz Video AI

  • ChatGPT

  • Adobe Firefly

  • Avid Media Composer

  • Davinci Resolve

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Avid Media Composer (Learning)

  • Davinci Resolve (Learning)

  • Adobe After Effects (Learning)


  • English

  • Spanish

My Interests



When I watch movies and TV shows, I often admire the editing the most. It's where the final rewrite is done.

AI & Generative AI

AI & Generative AI

I like to use AI and generative AI to help me be more creative and productive, not to replace humans.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production

The combination of real time rendering, Unreal Engine and "the volume" gives us the ability to shoot our scenes anywhere, anytime.

Post Production

Post Production

A movie begins as a bunch of wonderful ingredients that all come together in post, where the final meal is created.

Remote Production

Remote Production

Since COVID, remote team collaboration has grown in importance and understanding it is crucial.

Mobile Filmmaking

Mobile Filmmaking

I love how we all carry in our pockets a camera that only professional filmmakers could afford just 10 years ago.

Continuous Learning

UCLA Extension : Film Editing Specialization : June 2024

The film editing specialization teaches editing fundamentals for individuals pursuing a career in editing or directors and filmmakers wanting to learn about the editing process. Classes include The Art and Craft of Film Editing, Adobe After Effects for Filmmakers, Intro to Adobe Premiere, Intro to Avid.

UCLA Extension : Post Production Certificate : June 2024

The Post-Production Certificate prepares students for a career as an editor or post-production professional in film, television, and documentaries. Classes include The Art and Craft of Film Editing, Post-Production for Film and TV, Intro to Adobe Premiere, Intro to Avid, Post-Production Sound for Film and TV, Intro to Visual Effects Creation, Color Correction for Film and TV, The Language of Filmmaking, Making Your First Short Film.

Follow My Transition to Filmmaking

Check out my Trello board and my IMDB page.

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