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On-demand tutorials presented by creative professionals showing you how to use AI powered tools to be more creative and productive.

Published February 27, 2023

Creating an AI Generated Song Performed by an AI Avatar

A Tutorial Presented by Marcelo Lewin

Everything you see in this video was 100% AI generated (minus the introduction).

1) I wrote the lyrics using Lyrical Labs.
2) I then recorded my voice in Audacity using an AI generated voice converter (real time) from VoiceMod. I exported that as an mp3.
3) I then created a new AI avatar (text prompt "A cyberpunk person in a post apocalyptic world. Perfectly centered.") in D-ID.
4) I uploaded the mp3 file as my script and D-ID created the video in mp4 format and downloaded it.
5) I created an AI generated background music using SoundRaw then downloaded it as a .wav file.
6) I imported both the mp4 and wav files into DaVinci Resolve and created the video below.

I know it's not the best, but think about the creative possibilities, even if you just use these tools to show someone that's truly creative what your vision is and then they can create the final perfect version.

AI is democratizing creativity.

Marcelo Lewin

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