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On-demand tutorials presented by creative professionals showing you how to use AI powered tools to be more creative and productive.

Published March 17, 2023

Summarize and Create a Deck for Your Next Meeting using AI

A Tutorial Presented by Greg Starling

In this episode we are going to use a variety of AI powered tools to transcribe a meeting, summarize it and create a deck to share with your colleagues.  You'll end up with an artifact that can be referred to later.

The complete workflow shown in this video includes:

  • Record the meeting and automatically transcribe it live using Otter AI.

  • Have Otter AI identify the speakers in the meeting.

  • Summarize the meeting using ChatGPT.

  • Create a voice over of the bullet points created by ChatGPT using Eleven Labs.

  • Create a deck with bullet points using Tome.

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