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Exploring Cutting Edge Filmmaking

Tutorials on how to use cutting edge technologies, tools and workflows to help you be a more creative and productive filmmaker. Topics include AI, Generative AI, Cloud Production, Virtual Production, 3D Capturing (LIDAR, NeRF, Photogrammetry), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing and Drones.

Published May 24, 2023

Using ChatGPT to Create Character Backstories

A Tutorial Presented by Wade K Savage

In this tutorial, we’re going to use ChatGPT to write a character backstory for films, video games and other kinds of video projects.  We’ll then use Midjourney to generate some storyboards to further help us create that backstory.  

We’ll first start by understanding our own sense of tone and voice, training ChatGPT to write in that voice and then working alongside with Midjourney to close that loop.  

We are going to use a Cyberpunk themed story to produce materials, with a central Character at the core. We’ll expand from prose and setting prompts, into pieces of narrative and plot points, all the while using particular settings and prompts.

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