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AI for Creative Professionals Podcast

Conversations with creative professionals who use AI powered tools to be more creative and productive.

Published February 3, 2023

Using No-Code Tools to Create Useful AI Powered Apps

A Conversation with Danny Richman from Richman SEO Training

No-Code and Low-Code tools allows power users to build workflows, tools, websites and apps using little to no-code, just by dragging and dropping components on a canvas.

In this episode, I speak with Danny Richman, founder of Richman SEO Training, about his many AI powered apps he created using low-code and no-code tools.  We’ll chat about how he got started, cover the knowledge users need to create their own apps and he’ll even show us some of his creations!

AI automation tools mentioned:

Feiber AI



Image Recognition API

Regim at Rapid API

YouChat API

YouChat API at Rapid API

Danny's free scripts:

Scripts and Sheets

Danny Richman

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Marcelo Lewin

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