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Filmmakers on the Cutting Edge

Conversations with filmmakers who use or create cutting edge technologies, tools and workflows to be more creative and productive. Topics include AI, Generative AI, Cloud Production, Virtual Production, 3D Capturing (LIDAR, NeRF, Photogrammetry), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing and Drones.

Published April 28, 2023

What Creative Writers Should Know about AI

A Conversation with Wade K. Savage from Strange Glass Creative

In this episode, I have a conversation with Wade K Savage, founder of Strange Glass Creative, all about what writers working in the creative industry should know about AI.

We’ll cover topics related to writing for film, video games, world building, dialog barks, and more.  We’ll also touch upon some of the tools writers should be aware of and learn to use that help you be more creative, productive and deliver quicker.

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