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Filmmakers and other Video Creators who appeared on our

podcast or presented on our tutorials. Want to join them?  Contact us!

James Pierechod

James Pierechod

Head of Creative


I’m a passionate technical / creative strategist, with an extensive knowledge of Content Strategy, Production, VFX, Virtual Production, Generative AI, and VisualSEO.

I have over 19 years advertising agency experience; developing conceptually driven multimedia content strategies, campaigns, and commercials for global brands, such as LG, Arla, Hertz, Homebase/Bunnings, FIFA and UEFA.

I have spent years creating unique creative and production strategies that deliver content packed with innovative experiences, authenticity, and relevance.

With a foundation in Engineering, I have keen eye for detail, innovation, technology, problem solving and creativity.

You can learn more about me at Linkedin or check out Powerhouse.

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