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Jeasy Sehgal

Jeasy Sehgal

Filmmaking Professor

Virtual Production Dojo

Jeasy Sehgal is an accomplished and internationally recognized filmmaker, specializing in emerging technologies within the film industry. With expertise in various fields such as motion capture, augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), animation, and game development, Jeasy has established himself as a versatile creative force. He holds a Diploma in Film and Television focused on post-production from the renowned South Seas Film & Television School and has received Industry Best Practice Certification from Weta Group Park Road Post Production.

Having completed a Master of Technological Futures with a research focus on digital humans, virtual production, and empathic and emotional responses in digital humans, Jeasy has an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technological advancements. As the founder of Graphic Monk Ltd., a multi-disciplinary Production House with multiple brands under its umbrella, including Imperial Swords, The Imperial School of Swordsmanship, and Dynakinetix: Motion Capture, Jeasy has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to lead in the design industry.  

As the first and only Unreal Engine Authorized Instructor in New Zealand, Jeasy has established the Virtual Production Dojo, New Zealand's first Unreal Engine Authorized Centre, as well as a Reallusion Certified Training Centre. These institutions provide industry-specific, hands-on training and talent development for virtual production methodologies in the screen and games industry.  

In October 2022, Jeasy joined the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University as a Professor of Practice in Virtual Production and VFX. His role involves spearheading the new Terminal MFA master degree program in Virtual Production and VFX, showcasing his expertise and dedication to advancing the field. This move required him to relocate from Dunedin, New Zealand to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, emphasizing his commitment to contributing to the global film and technology landscape. 

You can learn more about him at Linkedin, Twitter, Graphic Monk Productions or Virtual Production Dojo.

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