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Filmmakers and other Video Creators who appeared on our

podcast or presented on our tutorials. Want to join them?  Contact us!

John MacInnes

John MacInnes

Director & Co-Founder

MacInnes Studios

I have been using game engines to create groundbreaking work for the best part of a decade. My journey started when, as a screenwriter, I was hired to bring cinematic storytelling to the video game Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Pioneering work with digital humans followed, producing the first ever TV pilot made in Unreal among other projects, winning the first ever Lumiere Award for AR. I am a recipient of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, that script that was then optioned by Zoe Saldana for her to produce and star in.  I’m also a three time Epic Games Mega Grant recipient.

I’m currently writing, producing and directing a feature film made entirely in UE5. Supported by Epic Games and AWS, the project leverages AI, the cloud and web3 as it engages with the creator community to crowdsource aspects of the production.

You can learn more about me at Linkedin, Twitter or my company website.

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