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Thomas Cloarec

Thomas Cloarec


Photogen AI

I am the Founder & CEO of Photogen AI, a French generative AI startup with the ambition to democratize quality portrait photography. As an example of our work, my podcast photo was entirely generated using our app.

I have been working as a research student in Deep Learning at IRT Saint-Exupéry for one year. During this time, I researched the use of machine learning to improve state-of-the-art solutions for the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), applied on Satellite Routing.

Prior to this, I had two years of experience as a software engineer. I was also a finalist at the NeurIPS 2020 MineRL competition and a contributor on Neural MMO: A Massively Multiagent Game Environment for RL.

You can learn more about me at Linkedin, Twitter or my company site.

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