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Articles exploring the many ways to use AI to create, manage and deliver projects.

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AI and Human Collaboration: The New Partnership in Content Creation

We are about to embark on a new era of AI and human collaboration, at least, when it comes to content creation. The end of 2022 introduced us to many new AI technologies, including generative AI, via OpenAI's ChatGPT. Once you play around with ChatGPT, you will completely understand why you can never go back to "the old ways" of content creation.

Before we get started, I want to share with you that this article was created in collaboration with my generative AI content partner, through the use of ChatGPT for the outline and some of the content of this article and Stable Diffusion for the image. You can see the output of ChatGPT here and of Stable Diffusion here.

Ok, let's do this...

Content Creation; What is it?

Content creation refers to the process of generating and producing original digital materials for education, marketing, entertainment, or communication. Some examples include articles (like this one), videos, podcasts, images, info-graphics, social media posts, and e-books.

What do we mean by human and AI collaboration?

Generative AI, for now, is nothing more than data (lots of it) and code. I know the details behind AI is much more, but for us creators, all we need to know is that AI needs data and code to work on that data. It still needs humans to interact with it and guide it (via prompts or by clicking buttons to activate some app feature or by writing some code yourself). This means AI is more of a tool, ready to serve us humans, not the other way around (at least for now).

Think of AI as your new partner in content creation. This AI partner, most likely, will be built into your current apps you use today, or you will use new apps with those features. For example, you can write stories in tandem with a generative AI to help you along (e.g. Jasper), or you may write code with the help of Codex. You may have a photo editing AI assistant clean up the skins in many photos at once, or have a graphic editing app generate images for you based on your ideas that you type in. A storyboard artist may start their storyboards by describing each scene, having the AI partner create it for them and then customizing and adjusting with the guidince of the director.

In other words, AI is our tool and it's here to serve and work with us, content creators.

What are the benefits of human and AI collaboration?

There are many benefits to this new collaboration, including increased efficiency and productivity via automation. This will free us up to work on our creativity and come up with new ideas. AI will help us improve our accuracy and ensure quality control. Overall, the goal of human and AI collaboration in content creation is to leverage the strengths of both humans and AI to produce high-quality content in an efficient and effective manner.

What are some potential challenges of human and AI collaboration?

At the end of the day, we, humans, need to be in control of the final piece of content that is put out there. In other words, we need to have AI help us along the process, but we are the ones that "hit the trigger button" to publish, print, distribute, etc that content. If we give up that control, we may run into ethical issues, quality issues, bias issues, loss of control over the creative process and many more unforeseen challenges.

What's the future hold?

You are going to see lots more collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence. As generative AI gets better, it will take on more of the mundane tasks and some of the creative tasks we are doing today, which will free us up to become better at what we do and better at guiding the AI into getting what we want.

Don't be afraid of AI. Learn it's potential. Learn how to use it. Learn how to control it and most important, remember, our jobs are continually changing and new tools appear every day that make something we do manually obsolete. We just have to adjust and continually learn to stay competitive.

For me, I'm happy for this new collaboration!

Now, Hal, can you the pod-bay doors.

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