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Articles exploring the many ways to use AI to create, manage and deliver projects.

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AI Week In Review for Professionals Working on Digital Projects #1

DALL-E Prompt : A cyberpunk person in a control room working artificial intelligence
DALL-E Prompt : 'A cyberpunk person in a control room working artificial intelligence'

Notes, news, apps and tools for the week of 1/2/23. For more, check out


Apple introduces AI narration for their Apple Books

You choose a voice and it will read your book. It seems that you can only distribute your book via Apple Books (at least the audio book) if you use that service.

Learn more at The Guardian, The Verge, Tech Crunch, Apple

OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, is possibly valued at $29B

OpenAI is looking at raising capital at a valuation of $29 billion (yes, with a B) dollars.

Learn more at Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Silicon Angle

Apps and Tools

Create slides using AI with Wonderslide

Their site claims you can upload your draft presentation in .pptx format, set your style and it will generate all the images and final text for each slide.

Learn more at Wonderslide.

Manage your text prompts with Prompt Box Chrome extension

A chrome extension to save and organize your text prompts.

Learn more at Prompt Box.

Create original art with

I actually signed up to this one and it's got a very sleek UI for creating some really great art for your next video or website project.

Learn more at

Convert your YouTube videos to Blog Articles with ToWords

Basically, you create your account, pay some credits and then plug in your link to the youtube video. It will start transcribing and you will get a blog article back based on the content in your video. It will be separated by headings. The free version only lets you transcribe videos up to 5 minutes. Works pretty good with the minimal testing I did.

Learn more at

Create slides using

Another slide creator powered by generative AI.

Learn more at

Remove unwanted objects with

Pick a photo, upload it and remove any object in that photos.

Learn more at

And yet another generative AI website called Pixelmind

Yup, another website that allows you to create and share generative AI art. I dona't like the fact that you can't download the image (at least I didn't find how).

Learn more at PixelMind.

Create music with AI using Soundraw

Pretty cool music generator site that uses AI to create the music. You can then customize it with its powerful music editor.

Learn more at Soundraw.

Let AI design a logo for you using Looka.

Enter your company's name, describe it a bit, pick some images you like and then let the generative AI go do its thing.

Learn more at Looka.
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