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Microsoft's AI Event Recap

Today, Microsoft had an event at 10am PST to talk all about AI and what they are doing, working on and who they partnering up with. I followed the event on Windows Central (they were blogging live). Below is my recap of what I found interesting:

  • Satya Nadella (CEO) started by joking that this event was not about AI but about Kubernetes.

  • Nadella spoke about hitting 1/2 billion developers in the next decade with Co-Pilot (AI tool on Github to help coders).

  • Nadella feels 2 major things are emerging in AI: Conversational Agents and Search

  • The new Bing includes:

  1. OpenAI language model integration

  2. Prometheus Model with improved relevancy, annotated answers, up to date results, geolocation and increased safety.

  3. Core search index.

  4. Unifying search, answers, chat and the browser (new UX).

  • They showed a full working demo of Bing by asking it "compare the most influential Mexican artists and their top paintings" showing web search results along with images and the actual answer. Check out the screen capture.

  • They showed a chat feature where you can have a full conversation with Bing instead of the traditional search. Check out the screen capture.

  • They also showed AI is built right into the browser (Edge) where you can ask it to create a Linkedin posting for you in a particular tone. Check out the screen capture.

  • Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO, said that Microsoft took the latest models and customized it for its needs.

  • Sara Bird, Responsible AI Lead for Azure said that they developed mitigations to address biases and jailbreaks. See the example of the layers of protection. Check out the screen capture.

  • The new Bing is available today (2/7/23) in limited queries. They will roll it out to millions in the coming weeks.

The race is on!

Let's see what Google Search looks like in the next week or so with Bard.

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