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OpenAI Releases GPT-4 + GPT-4 Demo Live Stream Recap

OpenAI Releases GPT-4

The day has finally come. GPT-4 has been released and it promises to be a huge step forward in multi-model LLMs. To learn more about it, just check out OpenAI's links below.

GPT-4 Developer Demo Live Stream Recap

OpenAI had a live demo stream to showcase GPT-4. The most impressive thing for me was the hand drawn web page design that was converted into code. See below for more details about the presentation.

  • The presenter showed a task that GPT-4 can do that GPT-3 couldn't do, which was to summarize an article into a sentence where every word begins with a G. Then he did the same with an A and finally with a Q. GPT-3 could not do it but GPT-4 could.

  • He then showed how image recognization worked by submitting an image to GPT-4 (in Discord) and asking it to describe it in great detail. He then submitted another image and asked it "what is funny about this image". In both instances, it came back correctly.

  • He then took a photo (using his mobile phone) of a webpage design he drew by hand on a piece of paper. He then sent that image to GPT-4 (in discord) and asked it to create HTML and javascript code for it. That worked really well. That was very impressive.

  • Finally, he pasted in a tax code (16 pages of tax code....boring...). He then asked GPT4 a question about a couple that was married and asked what their tax liability was. It provided the correct answer

  • He ended the stream with having GPT-4 write a poem about the tax liability. It wrote it.

There you have it. GPT-4 is out and we all still have our jobs and have not been replaced by AI (yet!)

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