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Denoise and Upscale a Short Film

Pleroma, A Short Film by Chris Browne

About this Project

Chris Browne, Global VFX Supervisor at Sony Pictures Animation and filmmaker, asked me if I could help him denoise and upscale his short film, Pleroma, using AI.  He's going to showcase it theatrically and wanted to remove most of the visible noise in the shots so it looks its best when blown up for the theater.  I took it as a great opportunity to work on real world footage using AI.

Tools & Process

I used Topaz Video AI and DaVinci Resolve for most of the project.  To learn the full details, please read the articles listed under "learn more" below.

More Information

You can learn all the details of how I went about this project, including more image and video samples in the following articles I wrote:

Filmmakers Involved in this Project

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