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Edit and Sound Design a Short Film

Twins of Terror, A Short Film by Vedant Saxena

About this Project

I loved what Vedant created in this short film and asked him if I can try an alternate version of the edit to emphasize how casual these two people are about killing. He gave me permission so I proceeded with the project of re-editing and adding sound design.

Tools & Process

Vedant: The initial phase involved applying an animated styling to the video, a process facilitated through the utilization of the Kaiber platform. For the ultimate layer of treatment, I turned to Runway Gen-1, employing its sophisticated capabilities to enhance the final product.

Marcelo: I upscale the video to 4K so that I can push in and cut between the wide shots and close ups.  I re-edited the video using Premiere Pro and colored it using a LUT.  I also wanted to add some tension when cutting back to the hostage by utilizing After Effects to heavily shake the footage.  Finally, I performed sound design inside of Premiere Pro.

The following tools were used:

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